DarkGoddess Oracle has been created for the empowerment of all women around the world, for all ages and ethnic backgrounds.                                       Goddess, The  Mother of all calls you , woman come take your rightful place among humanity, embrace your shadows and shine from within ,  Be the Goddess your were born to be….

DarkGoddess oracle honors the wise Mother Goddess Lilith, whom is believed to be the first woman created by God. Here, she opens her womb all her daughters , calling to them to come  and partake of her wisdom…. come to her, daughters of the world, she is calling for you.

Since old times, people from all cultures have seek the wisdom of the Oracles in order to help them find ways to resolve the most important riddles  of life.  DarkGoddess Oracle is a forum where women from all parts of the world can express their toughs, their concerns and their  voice will be hear by all sisters in womanhood.

Enter the Shadow Within