Domestic Violence…a society’s problem

Domestic Violence…a Society’s problem

“Domestic violence is a burden on numerous sectors of the social system and quietly, yet dramatically, affects the development of a nation… batterers cost nations fortunes in terms of law enforcement, health care, lost labor and general progress in development. These costs do not only affect the present generation; what begins as an assault by one person on another, reverberates through the family and the community into the future”

 Dr. Cathy Zimmerman

An increasing amount of research is beginning to offer a global overview of the extent of violence against women, yet, the problem is still not seriously addressed as society’ inclination for denial is a dense barrier against change.  The necessity for safe spaces where the victims of domestic violence can open up and talk about it with confidence have become an excellent platform because they can open the door to that change by connecting all these women, making their voices impossible for society to deny them the attention they deserve. Society must hear the truth hidden behind doors, and who are better but the victims to tell the history….

This forum is dedicated to raise awareness of Domestic Violence as a society’s problem. Here women from all ethnicities , social class, race and creed will be have the opportunity to express their concerns and questions regarding domestic violence. They will also receive advise from their fellow sisters and help from professionals . Links to shelters, medical, legal and economical help will be posted here for the ones in need.

Because  domestic violence is a societies issue, that needs to be addressed by both women and man, DarkGoddess oracle invites fellow man that understand, support the cause and are willing to provide professional help.

This forum also contains a page where domestic awareness apparel can be purchase . Because DarkGoddess Oracle was created in our beloved New Orleans, the proceedings of those purchases will be donated to a New Orleans non-profit organization dedicated to support survivors of  domestic violence.


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